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[1.1.6] - Incompatible with settings.dat


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I am about 87% sure that there is a problem. I deleted all the setting.dat and resume.dat files, put utorrent.exe in a folder with a ipfilter.dat, and it looked weird, the window was not displayed correctly. I then tried to close it, it bombed out, said it would restart and create a dump and send it, and it kept doing that, I had to end the process in the task manager to close it finally. Never ever have had this happen in previous releases.

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I got almost the same issue. When starting 1.1.6 for the first time, after a clean install, no update, it will error, and not display correctly. It sent like 12 dump files to you. When updating though, it seems to work fine.

I can confirm that i'm experiencing the same behaviour.

Running 1.1.6 'cleanly' (deleting the %APPDATA%uTorrent directory) will result in the display loading incorrectly (toolbar, detailed status and status bar will all be disabled by default - no error after enabling them) and no options being loaded (no defaults, everything will be blank) and attempting to change them or close the program will result in an error dialog and a dump file created (other parts of the program - about dialog, update check etc, debug info - all seem to run okay with no error or dump file generated). Clicking yes/no on the error dialog which prompts you to send the dump file to the developers will cause the program to instantly reload (with the same behaviour) making clicking cancel the only way to close the program for good (where then a windows error dialog pops up).

However, installing 1.1.5 then upgrading to 1.1.6 seems to result in no problems.

Information from the Windows Crash Dialog:

Faulting application utorrent.exe, version, faulting module utorrent.exe, version, fault address 0x0000606d.

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