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Add torrent directly to nas server


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I have Buffalo NAS. I want to add torrent to be downloaded by NAS. Now I have been using web ui, but its not handy enough. Copying and pasting urls is difficult and not very time saving.


How I can open torrent, and send it to Nas ut client simply way?


What im looking, is similair than Android Transdrone but for Windows. When I open magnet link in my Android browser, it opens it with transdrone and send it to connected NAS (my buffalo). NAS does all the work, I only control it by tablet. With my PC I have to open browser, copy and paste urls... Is it possible to get rid of that hustle?

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Thanks very much!!!


This is exactly what I was trying to find.


Anyway, I can very fast find out, that this is not enough. I also need more control for torrents. I still need to open webui if I want to check status, stop or start torrent. I referred in my previous message to Transdrone. Is there anything like that available for Windows?


Thanks anyway very much, this is doing hardest part well. Ill continue from this in right section of this forum...


(Its ok, if you move this thread to right place...)

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