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connecting to peers stuck


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I have connecting to peers at 0.00% , but i could download before, nothing has changed since that, not my laptop not my provider or wireless modem


  • your operating system: Windows 8.1
  • your current version of µTorrent (including build number): 3.4 ( build 30660)
  • your ISP: not sure what's that
  • any other software or connection settings you’re running that may interfere with µTorrent (including but not limited to: VPNs, proxies, firewalls, BTGuard and similar programs, and antivirus software): nothing of that

 i have mcafee liveasfe, but it's outdated: hence not working

Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded

[DHT] disabled 0 0 0

[Local Peer Discovery] working 0 1 0

[Peer Exchange] working 0 0 0

udp://tracker.ccc.de:80 disabled 0 0 0

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