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Adding Torrent/ Download Directory


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The functionality "Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data" in UI Settings has stopped working, I have it checked, but it defaults to the same folder all the time (C:/Users/Name/Downloads) anyway.

I have µtorrent adding new torrents from that same directory, and set to delete them after load, But nothing else set in the "Directories" sub-menu


In "UI settings" I have "Activate the program window" checked, which also doesn´t work.



This problem started after the update to 3.4.0, I have since updated to the 3.4.1 beta (uninstalling older version, and all settings) and the problem persists.



Hopefully this issue can be resolved. Thanks!

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Very similar problem/bug to mine.


I can't add new torrents.  I had it set up (for years) to always ask me where to download, but the pop-up dialog doesn't show up anymore. My old torrents continue to chug-along.


The only difference is that I've been running 3.4 for a few weeks now. It worked fine yesterday.... but I did a Windows 8.1 (minor) update today... and then it broke.  (realllly hoping it is not related)

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Well I think it's useful to have both.
As it is now, I download a .torrent file via google chrome and have to click it (to open it), which activates utorrent window and opens the popup.
If the popup could coexist with automatic loading, then I could download the .torrent file, no having to click to open it and it would immediately activate utorrent window and open the popup.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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