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100Kb/s top download speed with 100Mb plan

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As the title says my download speed tops at 100Kb/s. ISP technician said that they don't do traffic shapping, and glasnost test for bittorrent says "there is no indication that your ist rate limits your download".


i don't know what is wrong with my connection of utorrent. because my download speed in steam is 10-11 Mb/s.


here is my speed test:




there are sometimes that i achive a download speed of 10Mb/s, but for only 5 min and those moments are rare.


thanks for any help you guys can give me

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well the first time i started downloading today the download speed was 8 Mb/s, i let it download for a while and the speed didn't change, and then conviced that today i had no problem, i restarted utorrent hoping the download speed was the same, but the download toped at 180-200Kb/s with the torrent from the website you gave.


could it be the ISP is doing traffic shapping and the tests from glasnost are just false negatives?


i don't know if this is importante but in my router event log, have these events:

"started unicast mantenance ranging- no response received - ..."

"SW upgrade failed after downloading - incompatible SW file"

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