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Force Edit a torrent status to complete


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Hello, I need some help. I have a huge collection of things in my utorrent application, downloaded all these years. like a catalog or an index for everything I downloaded using torrents.

I just reinstalled windows earlier and I have this problem, I've done it multiple times now(transferring utorrent settings) but this time I messed up with the harddrive letters so all my torrents are now showing up as "Error can't open torrent file..." Instead of "Completed", even if I fix the harddrive letters it still doesn't change anymore.

Is it possible to change their status to "completed" again? maybe some resume.dat notepad edit? can someone guide me? I can't force re-check them all because some of them are already moved elsewhere and It would be tedious to put all files back in the download folder just to recheck them, and they're too many.


I just want them to display "completed" again, 'fake it' as you may say, call me OCD, but I really love to keep things neat. I've been at it for hours and I can't really stop thinking about it :(

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