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Utorrent stopped asking where to save files despite "put new downloads in" being un-ticked


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Having the exact same problem as in this thread which the Admin locked without actually understanding what the problem was.


That user does have automatic load torrents function checked, and I have as well, always have.


But until this week, when uTorrent automatially loaded a torrent, it would still ask you WHERE you wanted the file downloaded to.  Now it doesn't do that anymore.  It just starts downloading it into the Downloads folder.


It used to go


1.  Download .torrent file into Downloads Folder

2.  uTorrent sees .torrent file, automatically starts up download

3.  uTorrent asks where you want the file downloaded to


Now it goes


1. Download .torrent file into Downloads Folder

2. uTorrent sees .torrent file, automatically starts up download

3. uTorrent automatically starts downloading the file into the Downloads Folder.


It just started doing it this week, if it's not a bug, it's at the very least a change from how it worked before, and I'd like to know if there's an option to change it back.

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