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Let Peers act as Trackers


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P2P network is not as decentralized as i hoped it would be. In bittorrent networks the trackers are very crucial. They are responsible for finding and developing connections among seeders and leechers. If you attack the trackers you can potentially take down the entire swarm. Many trackers have been shut down because of law enforcement agencies and financial problems. Even the most infamous one like Pirate Bay has shut down their tracker system .And the fact that the authorities are employing torrent poisoning methods to attack the peers shows us that they would do ANYTHING to protect their “intellectual property”. Now it’s the time to act .Its the year 2014 where laptops and desktops are more powerful than ever before and most of the average people barely uses 10% to 20% of the processing power available to them. The utorrent software can use this untapped processor power to make the peers also acts as trackers.


Consider this scenario

On an average a typical swarm has thousands and sometimes even millions of seeders and leechers.If a attacker wants to destroy the swarm it would have attack thousands of computers.If this system is implemented , the peers would not only have the advantage in numbers but also the diversity of geographical locations of the peers would make it almost impossible to takedown the swarm.

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