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number of connections between peers

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Assume there exists a peer  (A) in a swarm for file F.


Let another peer (B) join the swarm and connect to peer A to get pieces for file F.


if the A peer needs F pieces that B has, does he use the same connection that A made to B initially to request and receive them? Or does it make a different connection?


Rephrasing: between 2 peers, is a single connection used to send data back and forth (do pieces travel both ways in the same connection, same sockets) OR does each peer make a different connection to the other in order to request the pieces it needs?


* did my research, this is what the protocol specification says, although i am not sure if they mean "connection" at a higher level.

"Peer connections are symmetrical. Messages sent in both directions look the same, and data can flow in either direction."



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