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Bitcasa Left Rail Icon - resolved


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How do I remove the left rail icon for bitcasa and having it automatically select it when launching instead of something else like "Torrents" or "Downloading"?


Does this "feature" also exist in the paid uTorrent Plus version?


It annoys me enough I am tempted to buy the paid version just to get rid of it and still have the latest version!


Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

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Here's a screenshot with it circled in red.

When I launch it I get what is shown in the second screenshot.


I think its related to offers.404_dismiss - which is set to false by default.

If I set it to true and save it, it resets itself back to false evry time I restart uTorrent.




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Does the problem persist in recent 3.4.1 builds?

Sorry just realized I didn't answer your question. 3.4.1 is actually when I first noticed it. I think I was running v3.4 build 30620 and I noticed that when I did check for updates, it said no updates available. So I downloaded and installed v3.4.1 build 30768 from the site and that's when I got the BitCasa offers. Hope this is helpful to you.


And thank you for your assistance

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Read the whole thread instead of reading just the title.

I did. Only thing that 'solved' it was installing a Nightly build.

I don't want nightlies, running the latest stable version right now, and I would like to keep using that.

So I simply asked if someone knows a way to disable it in that version.

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