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Add Torrent Window Saved Off-screen - Window missing for all new torrents, cannot download anything


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uTorrent remembers the window location of the add torrent window. Some may view this as a nice feature, but in reality it is a huge problem. I often extend my laptop display to an external monitor. When I go back and forth between one and two monitors and use uTorrent in both situations, eventually the add torrent window decides to save its location on coordinates that are not on either of my monitors. I have tried changing all kinds of display settings such as changing the location of the screens relative to each other hoping that it might bring the window back and I have had no luck.


The only fix I know for this issue is deleting the settings file directly which is a big headache because I have to go back and redo all of my settings every time this happens. uTorrent is desperately in need of a fix of this "feature" that is more of a bug than anything. A nice compromise would be simply adding an option on preferences to disable it.


Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem without losing everything?

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