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Re-adding old torrents to utorrent


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I just connected a secondary hard drive with my old .torrent files and their equivalent 100% files.
I am now in the process of adding all those old torrents to my torrent client so I can seed them (without having to download them again).

I dragged and dropped 500 old torrent files in my utorrent client. I thought it would show me the usual window to uncheck 'start torrent', but it didn't. 
That being the case, all torrents started to download. I quickly stopped them all.


However now, when I go to relocate the files of torrents that were able to download a few kb, and I force re-check; all the parts that were schedule to start downloading are not checked on the torrent. So for each of them I would have to redownload like 5% of the torrent even if I have the full files.


My guess:

The utorrent has a file_data information that is dirty and the force re-check doesn't reset the block information.


I tried, deleting the torrent + .data (when it doesn't point to the full files). I tried closing/re-opening uTorrent but it doesn't reset the data.


Read this before you comment
When the torrents started to download they were NOT pointing to the same folder where the full file exist. Therefore the newly downloaded parts did not overwrite the old files.


My question:

Does anyone know where those files are located?

Maybe move it to the bug section if moderators think this is a bug.
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