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Can I remove the Torrents/Feeds/Devices sidebar completely?


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I have used utorrent for years now, but I recently built a new computer, which meant installing the latest version since I couldn't find my 2.x install file. I have been avoiding it like the plague due to how bloated utorrent has gotten over the years, but I made the plunge and have managed to whittle down the inane offers, etc so that I am left with no ads and minimal intrusions.


However, I can not seem to find a way to remove this Torrents/Feeds/Devices sidebar. I will never add an RSS feed to utorrent. I will never use the Devices part of that, either (I was able to disable that part, but it does nothing for the screen real estate this bar takes up). I use, and used to love, utorrent explicitly because it was a lightweight client that still delivered everything I need. This program is made to download torrents, so anything that takes screen real estate away from my main torrent window is useless and annoying to me. I like to display as much information as I can in the torrent box (name, download bar, health, download speed, upload speed, seeds, peers, eta, etc) without having to scroll left or right, and this sidebar is making it so that I have to display less information than I like in order to accommodate that.


Does anyone know if removing this bar is possible, and if so, how it can be accomplished? I have been scouring my old computer looking for the utorrent install file to see if I can downgrade to a version that is multiple years old, because I would rather sacrifice security than deal with this. I haven't been able to find it as of yet, so I am forced to resign myself to fiddling with this version until I can get it to stop annoying me.

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