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Hi all, I am getting this message when I click on any download item;


Torret Error

Disc removed - please reattach.



I checked the board already and someone said.to simply plug in my external;  problem is I never HAD an external, I download stuff directly to my C drive.


    Not sure how or what to reattach, I never unplugged or changed a thing and I have been using Utorrent for years, until last night when I started getting that error message.


I am using Windows XP  with Utorrent  3.1.3


 Thanks very much

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I am trying to get a screen rip to show you the message exactly, but the screen rip won't get the message only the background.


It has a large red X on the top left, and says


Torrent Error

File; Captain Phillips

Former volume not mounted


 No drive letter. 


   Sorry for the drama, it's weird because until yesterday it worked like a charm every time, for a few years, and I didn't do anything different to my laptop.  I did a re-start and no luck.  

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well, that's the main problem;  I never get to see that.  I used to.


If I did I would simply 'save as' to my C drive.....I am not getting anywhere near that choice, it just blocks the download way before having any selection.

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Ok, thanks a lot, that was VERY helpful!


Last question, please......the files still are not going directly to my C drive, I can make it work once I get the Error message by right-clicking on the file, selecting Advanced and then Set Download Location and pointing it to C......can you tell me how I can Select Download Location for all future downloads so I can avoid those 4 steps?


Thanks again, greatly appreciated.   

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