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Utorrent using 12mb/s of disk, and not downloadning, why??


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Utorrent is using 10-14 mb/s of my disk ( hard drive), and not downloading anything, why is this??? 

i dont download to one disk and then move it to another, i download direct to a disk.

sometimes when i close utorrent (exit from corner), it still does this in the backround, and then i  ctrl alt delete, and i cant shut it down... very anoying because i have to restart pc do anything att all.


ive also tried waiting for 30min too see if it ever will stop using disk, but no, it never stops

this has nothing to with releases, ive tried several, ive reinstalled win 7,8 and 8.1 on pc so its not that.

does any1 have any idea what this is all about??

thx for any "serious" answer

Regards Emil


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