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How do i reduce upload speed for a particular torrent .i have limited bandwidth .


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I am using torrent for  a while. And I have limited bandwidth .Here my problem Is I cannot seed all the torrents because of low bandwidth .and I tried to reduce the upload speed upto 10 kb/s .but for sometime it is under 10kb/s after some time the upload speed will be around 400 to 500 kb/s .again I reduced the upload speed to 5 kb/s but no use it is still at 400 kb/s because of which I cannot download a particular torrent  . when ever I download a torrent same thing is happening I even tried to change the settings by limiting upload speed but nothing changes .can anybody have a better solution. Kindly help me on this. because of which I cannot download any torrent at  all.


Problem is reducing the upload speed is not at all working .it still takes what it has to. I am using 3.4.1 version. Below is the screenshot.


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