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uTorrent not responding


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Altho' the problem persisits, I now receive a 'box' message that contains 'Downloading the Plus Package Failed: Proxy connect error: Connection closed by peer' 

Still 'Not Responding'. Anyone know if the message is a symptom or a cause ?

I'll give the 'one torrent at a time' method a go.........................once I manage to get a response from the product to delete the other active torrents !

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O.K., setting Proxy to 'None' got rid of the 'Downloading the Plus Package Failed' message & I succeeded in downloading the Plus Package.

I still get 'Not Responding', CPU 30% plus & product becomes unusable when I try to download more than one torrent at a time. 

Get intermittent 'Not Responding' when I download one torrent at a time.


Thanks for your help so far.


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