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Invalid Tracker Issue


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I am having quite a difficult time with adding torrent trackers to torrents in utorrent.  


I am continuing to have the error " Invalid url " 


The tracker i am using is "http://torrentuniverse.sx:80/announce" yet it states invalid url on it.


That tracker link works fine in browsers yet if i use "http://torrentuniverse.in:80/announce" it works fine and both address go to the same place witch leads me to believe the issue is with the tld .SX maybe?



Please and thank you.




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The way things are coded coupled with the indicators on the trackers tab, it's not a problem with generic .sx domains but instead the specific domain you're using.

We previously implemented a "don't attempt to communicate with dead trackers" subsystem that puts an asterisk at the start of previously known to be dead trackers. It was primarily implemented to blacklist the use of the now-defunct pirate bay tracker addresses and probably has the specific domain you're using on the blacklist.

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Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I really do appreciate the help.


I am admin on torrent universe and the they just switched to the .sx domain a couple days ago so the torrentuniverse.sx domain should not be black listed as it was just registered within the past two weeks.


Our torrent tracker system is functioning at the moment.


Is there we can do fix this problem?

Or are we pretty much stuck and nothing can be done about, Because i really wish we could use the .sx domain with utorrent and the tracker.



Thank you 

Sincerely the fabulous fabler !!

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