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New computer build, new uTorrent version, my 2007 computer/uTorrent way better


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Ok...So here's my story. I'll keep it as short as possible


i recently did a new computer build.:


Old computer was compaq presario, all 2007 stock except for RAM and nVidia 8800 video card (for back when I was gaming) with Windows Vista (YUCK). I had a pretty old version of uTorrent but it worked great.


Always could set priorities and always would be throttled to 900kb/s and could download as many torrents i wanted at once without any problems.(I dont know exactly what version I had, definately before version 2.2.1.)  Now with the new computer that works great, no problems, I have downloaded the newest version of uTorrent 5 days ago (6/20/2014) and noticed that when I have more than one torrent going, something throttles me down to under est. 20kb/s.

I tried downloading an older version 2.2.1, it works better, (only a third as fast as it should be)  but really would like to know if there is some settings i could adjust so I could download multiple torrents without the loss in speed.

I tried connecting my old hard drive up to find out what version I had, but it needs to be re-partitioned into a new file format, from what someone said at Tom's hardware forum, and I dont know how to do that. Otherwise I would just use my old harddrive and Vista that is installed on it.


I need to know what version works best with windows 8.1. When I use the newest version, internet speed comes to a grinding halt. At least with the 2.2.1 version,  I am able to use internet still with only a slight downturn in speed.

Also, when I use the newest version and download one file at a time, I get my full bandwidth speed. When I start going multiple, my download speed goes way down, under 20kb/s and bandwidth alloction seems to not work. On my old computer that had the old version, I could prioritize, so most of the bandwidth would go to the file of my choosing.



Now I built a new computer and put it in the presario case:


ASrock motherboard





optical disk

with windows 8/1


I've done speed test and get my alloted 1MB/s download rate from comcast



What version works best with Window 8.1?

Why does the prioritizing not work in the newest build?

Why does it throttle me almost to zero when downloading multiple files?




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