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Connecting to Peers Problem - No Permissions to Forward a Port


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I had uTorrent set up nicely with a port forwarded and all was well.


But then I had to move residences and don't have access to the router like I used to... to forward a port again.


When I add in a torrent, sometimes it will download some of it, but it will almost always stop and change to "Connecting to Peers" and then that's pretty much the end of that.  Sometimes I can get it going again by multiple restarts of uTorrent, but it doesn't always work.


I've seen many posts about the Connecting to Peers issue, but the help offered is always to forward a port. 


But what are the best settings to have if I can't forward a port?  I can tolerate slower speeds than if I had a port forwarded.  I just want something!


I took the same magnet link that was balking in uTorrent, and put it into a torrent program on my android (while on the same wireless network) and it downloaded very quickly, so I know my ISP is allowing torrents.


Would appreciate any help!


uTorrent Version: 3.4.1

Windows XP

Connected via lan cable to router

Speedtest.net Results for my cable modem: Download: 35 Mbps,  Upload: 4Mbps

Windows Firewall: On



Utorrent Settings And Preferences

  • Connection
    • [on]  Enable UPnP port mapping
    • [off]  Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
    • [off]  Randomize port each start
    • [on]  Add Windows Firewall exception
  • Bandwidth
    • [100]  Max upload rate
    • [off]  Alternate upload rate
    • [0]  Max download rate
    • [8]  Global max number of connections
    • [6]  Max number of connected peers per torrent
    • [2]  Number of upload slots per torrent
    • [off]  Use additional slots if upload speed < 90%
  • BitTorrent
    • [off] Enable DHT Network
    • [on] Enable DHT for new torrents
    • [on] Enable Local Peer Discovery
    • [gray] Enable bandwidth management [uTP]
    • [on] Enable UDP tracker support
    • [on] Ask tracker for scrape info
    • [on] Enable Peer Exchange
    • [off]  Limit local peer bandwidth
    • [ ]  IP/Hostname to report to tracker
    • [Disabled]  Protocol Encryption - Outgoing
    • [on]  Allow incoming legacy connections


I don't know if it's obvious or not, but I showed my settings so that folks more knowledgeable than myself could recommend changes.


Note: I have had problems with BT clogging up my home network.  Even with the bandwidth/connections set this low, I often have pages failing to load in my browser, and for other devices on the network.  I'd love to get that tuned as well.


I'd also love to know what to do once you make a change in the preferences to make it take effect.  Do I need to close down UT and start it back up again?  Or is stopping and restarting a torrent enough?


I don't know if the uTorrent forums will always allow me to edit my original post.  So I'm creating this page to link to so that viewers can see the end result of any help I receive from other users all in one place (instead of having to read every post in the thread).


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Not really. The help offered is to fix the internet security software settings.

I've tried what I've seen so far. But in my experience, most of it has been just how to forward a port, or pointing out that you needed to. 


If you know of any good posts that would be of help, I'd appreciate the links.


I'll look at my settings and paste them into my original post so maybe you guys could tell me if any are wrong.

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Looking at your settings, with them also interfering, there's a firewall in your router (SPI firewall) that needs to be turned off.

If you don't have access to it, you're stuck.


Thanks for taking a look at my stuff.


But If the firewall in my router was blocking it, wouldn't it have blocked the torrent client on my phone, which was able to download a torrent easily over the wireless?


Also, I had a torrent finish today.  It downloaded the first 300 megs or so a few days ago, then was stuck on Connecting to Peers for a few days, then finally finished.  Closing and restarting uTorrent seemed to give me the best chance of getting it going.  If the router's firewall was blocking torrent traffic, then why did I get any of it?

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And just now, another torrent appeared (because I have a feed set up) and downloaded last night up to about 78% (about 400mb), and has now stopped on "connecting to peers".


Meanwhile the other torrent (a 100mb one) has been stuck at 9.4% for a few days.


Every so often, I'll try one or more of the following, in no particular order:

  • Restarting the app
  • Stopping and starting the torrents
  • Updating the trackers
  • Starting the app as Admin
  • Turning on and off DHT


But I almost never get any downloads going because of this it seems.

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I seem to have the best luck occasionally restarting uTorrent.  Sometimes some torrents will start downloading right at program startup.


However, if they stop mid-download, they switch to "connecting to peers" and I've never seen one come back from that and start downloading again.


I wonder if there's something uTorrent does at startup that it doesn't do when you stop-start torrents or update trackers, etc.  Whatever it is, that seems to have the best chance of getting me a download started.

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