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Lost all settings/history after system reboot


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I am using Win7 Professional & uTorrent 3.3.1   I was forced to reboot the system after explorer thread hung.  When I restarted uTorrent,  there were no torrents listed.  None of the active torrents.  None of the historical torrents (which I never delete so that I never accidentally download something twice.)

A bit of a look around found the torrent files still sitting in the uTorrent directory,  but the system.dat file was only 20kb.  So it looks like something clobbered it.


I have one that is about 12 months old,  so I copied that in place (as suggested by the articles I found online) but that didn't restore the list to the point it was a year back.


I am not sure what the best thing to do is to get my orignal state back.  I had some torrents in progress that I would *love* to get back to the same state they were at.





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