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Schedule accuracy to 30 min


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Hello everybody.

Firstly I would like to apologize for my english !

I've got an enhancement idea for the scheduler table, which I use since a long time.

My idea is to add some intermediary states to enable to schedule with 30 minutes precision. In order to avoid to get an unreadable table, please look below what I suggest :

-Keeping a table of 24 x 7 boxes.
-Current states for each piece of time : Unlimited -> Limited -> Stopped -> Seeding only -> ...
*Proposal states for each piece of time : Unlimited 1h -> Unlimited 0:30 min -> Unlimited 30:60 min -> Limited 1h -> Limited 0:30 min -> Limited 30:60 min -> Stopped 1h -> Stopped 0:30 min -> Stopped 30:60 min -> Seeding only 1h -> Seeding only 0:30 min -> Seeding only 30:60 min ->

I'm aware that we come from a 4-states boxes to go to a 12-states boxes, and it can makes longer the configuration, but it would be very useful for some users like me, who haves a slow-slow internet connection : when I'm present at home I want to be able to surf on the web but when µT is active... it's very hard. And because i've got this slow connection, I want to optimize my download/upload periods :)

A complementary enhancement would be to add either the proposal of this topic : http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/39588-right-click-in-schedule/?hl=schedule, or a right-clic contextual menu with all selectable options.


I join some demo pictures :


Available states




Example of the scheduler view


Hoping it will coming soon :)


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