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Stuck on connecting to peers


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For the last day and a half I have not been able to download torrents. It stays on connecting to peers.

I have noticed that others have had this problem and tried to use their advice to fix it and could not.


What I have done to try fix it 


  • Porting utorrent
  • contacting the service provider to see if they block and ports
  • I have had an it rep come and have a look at my computer 
  • i have turned off both the systems firewall and the routers
  • i have updated the firmware on the router 

And still nothing 

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I have the same problem. Whenever i start downloading something it is always stuck on "connecting to peers"  i tried restarting it and i deleted "resume.dat" as i heard from other sources that this might work :/  but no luck.
Please someone help.


Ps: i am sure its has nothing to do with my internet, my internet connection is working perfectly

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same problem here.  I have three torrents started, and all of them under the trackers is saying

DHT     waiting for announc.....   cant read the rest of it, even if i move the columns.  


all the other trackers are working,  local Peer discovery, and peer exchange. I do have one tracker that timed out too.


does this help?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Uninstall it and use the norton removal tool.


I have read through tons of forum posts regarding DHT not connecting, and peers not connecting, and every time, without fail, you point to internet security software.  I have posted in 3 different threads about the issue and given you information ( see my post in this thread), but you only seem to point at security software.  I've never seen you post anything else.  Is there ANY OTHER POSSIBLE solutions?  Could it indeed be something with the utorrent software?  


I'm not trying be difficult, but mine has been working flawlessly, and then one day(without changing ANYTHING, except having utorrent update) I/we have been having these problems.  I was able to use 3 different torrent clients and they all seemed to work without "checking my interenet security software"  I understand if you don't want to help, because it would require more than copy/pasting "check your internet security software".


I'm curious if there MIGHT be another issue or solution to look at 

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I have same issue


Can download from Traders Den & Etree without issue but once on Dime Utorrent gets stuck finding peers.


I have contacted Dime & waiting for reply


Utorrent is allowed on firewall & works with other sites so cannot believe its a security issue


Canx the download and tried another on Dime with plenty of seeders and leeches but same result


I am not techy & apart from checking utorrent is allowed on firewall have not altered anything on my computer. No internet connection problems


There is stuff I desperately want so its very annoying. I have used Dime for years and years without issue - could it be the version of utorrent? I have 3.4.2

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I'm still having issues connecting and I have tried EVERYTHING that has been on this forum as a "FIX"  Something is broken with Utorrent, and no one wants to admit it.  


I have used Utorrent for years and never had a problem, until the last update, 

  • but yet all the fingers point to bad security software(seriously?),
  • or its now the torrents fault ie dime torrents,
  • or even its the ISP(which I could see)


NO ONE HAS mentioned that it could be the new version of Utorrent!  Why?


Is Utorrent perfect and we are just a bunch of idiots?  


Is this the official forum for Utorrent?  How do we get some answers other than pointing fingers?  


Why can I use 3 different torrent clients, VUZE, qbittorent and Utorrent and only 2 work???  


Same settings on Security software

Same settings on firewall

Same ISP


and yet Utorrent still is the only one that isn't' working


Is there anyone who would like to give feedback and maybe point us in the right direction instead of 3 word answers about my security software

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