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Scheduler > Limited Rates Being Ignored


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Using uTorrent Ver 3.42 - Build 32239 - 32 Bit  (On Windows 7)


I need to keep my speed down during office hours to stop my ISP bitching at me,

so I use the scheduler to throttle my up/down speed from 08:00 to 19:00.


Limited mode (Options > Preferences > Scheduler > Limited Upload Rate + Download Rate) Settings are now being ignored.


Using the scheduler to switch between Limited Mode and Full Speed makes no difference to my speed.


Example 1: I have my up/down limit set to 50/50 ..... With a slow torrent my down speed is 30 and up speed is 150-220

Example 2: I have my up/down limit set to 50/50 ..... With a fast torrent my down speed is 750 and up speed is about 300

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And your other preferences relating to speed?

I normally have no other limits (i.e. 0) in Preferences > Bandwidth.

Connections = 800 (200 per torrent)

I am quite happy to upload at 1M+ overnight


I have been playing with the Global limits in the past few minutes with some success.

This is not really satisfactory --- I would like the scheduler to handle it.

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Is apply rate limit to utp enabled?

It wasn't, but I did enable it when playing with global settings.

It is now enabled and global up/down limits are unlimited.


I have my up/down limit in the scheduller set to 50/50

Now the limited mode it now having some effect ..... but not quite the desired effect.

It's halfing my download speed from about 23 to 12.

Upload is fine The limited mode is reducing it from about 500 to about 50.


(I'm downloading a slow 296 gb torrent which won't be finished until September which is why I need to keep it downloading 24/7)

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On further observation and comparison, the reduction in download speed in limited mode is not as severe as I thought.


Thanks for pointing out that apply rate limit to uTP undocumented option DreadWingKnight.


What of the other two undocumented options Apply rate limit to transportoverhead & stop transfers on user inteacttion.


How about including more information in the next help file.

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I've noticied that limiting bandwidth doesn't seem to work at all on the current stable build (33023).  I have tried various ways of changing my limits, using scheduler or disabling scheduler.  What was happening was that my upoad speeds were getting so high that my download speeds were getting trashed (US, cable modem network.  120mbit down, 24mbit up).  At the moment, I've instituted a Qos - MAC Address based bandwidth limitation on my router (u/l speeds now limited to 100kbits/sec).  uTorrent has been configured w/ limits now removed (0/unlimited on both dl & ul) and I'm getting the better transfer rates I'd hoped for (2MB/s for most torrents, up to 10MB/s when I've got a few rolling off-peak).


I'd like to be able to rely on the scheduler and bandwidth controller to seed at much higher rates, especially off-peak, once I've grabbed a torrent I want, but for now I have to to be a poor seeder because uTorrent tries to maximize my upload unchecked whenever it has the opportunity.


This seems to be a bug or perhaps a bizarre feature test where they are trying to make everyone become a superseeder.


Checking the "apply rate limit to uTP" doesn't seem to make a difference.

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