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uTorrent snap-to-torrent no longer working.


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Here's my problem: I've got a TON of torrents listed in my uTorrent. The completed ones, I keep under the label "completed torrent files".

There's over 700 of them.

Now, it used to be, when I would seek out a torrent that had the exact same hash as one I already downloaded, uTorrent would tell me I've already got the torrent, and offer to add trackers. AND it would snap to the torrent in question, selecting it, so I could see for myself if it actually is the same torrent or not.


It no longer does that last thing.

I've searched several times over for a specific torrent that I supposedly already have, but I can't find it. AND IT'S NOT SELECTING IT FOR ME WHEN I TRY DOWNLOADING IT AGAIN.


I'm positive it has to be something done to the advanced options, which I dare not touch unless I know absolutely sure what I'm doing, and in this case, I've got no clue. Older versions of uTorrent didn't have this problem, and I didn't change anything that could have stopped it happening, which is why I'm positive this was done on your end.



Help please!


What did you disable to stop it from doing this, and how do I re-enable it? (not sure if this is a bug, sorry if it's not, it sure is to me however, since I didn't change anything and something's stopped working like it should)

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