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Problems with download limits, and updating


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For some time now, I keep getting same issues all over again, which are probably somehow related;


1. After some time, and on some networks, my download speed limits don't seem to be working. For instance, if I don't have any limits set, torrents will be downloading at full possible speed - approx. 800Kbit/s.But if I set them to let's say 200Kbit/s, the speed actually goes down to 2Kbit/s or stops altogether. The same second I remove the limit, it goes up again. This happens if I check "Apply rate limit to uTP connections". If i don't have it checked, download speed is always maxed out of course.


2. My uTorrent never updates itself, although I have "Automatically install updates" turned on. I also made sure that utorrent is not blocked by AV or Firewall. If I force it to check for updates (Help>Check for updates), it always states that there are no updates, although that's not true. For instance, I have 3.4.2 (build 32343) and the current one is 3.4.2 (build 32354). 


Sometimes, when I update it manually, problems go away for few days, but come back again.


Any ideas what could I be doing wrong?



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Strange. I wouldn't rate limit uTP unless you're gaming, having issues, have a bandwidth cap, or get charged according to usage. uTP rate limits itself by measuring lag.


Builds don't go on the auto-update immediately.


What setup guide did you follow?

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I have to limit my download speed, because I'm not the only one using the internet connection in my household. And I see no other way but using the uTP connections limit. Especially when this has worked for me for years now, and suddenly stopped few months ago.

I'm using utorrent for years, as I mentioned. Since the start actually. So I didn't actually need any guides. At least not before. I set my PF settings in router setup, and just run it. Just like I always did before.

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