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Client Freeze after pressing RSS download button


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This is an issue I've been having with various Windows 32-bit builds for 3.4.2 including the latest one 32371.
Sometimes, when downloading content, it is available via RSS as well as from a webpage. I prefer to use RSS, since it keeps track of what I have already downloaded, but lately, the client gets stuck (not responding) when ever I select an item from the RSS feed and either press the download button or select the download action from the right click menu option. The only way to move forward after the program freezes is to intentionally close the program by either pressing the close window button, or kill the process from the task manager.
When selecting to download a torrent, or clicking on a magnet link from a website will not trigger a freeze, only when selecting to download from RSS.So this is what I am doing, although downloading from the RSS feed will sometimes work just after starting the program.
Also, in previous versions, whenever I downloaded content from a site, and the site's RSS feed was updated, and I opted to download this content, It automatically recognized the torrent was already downloaded, and prompted me to add the trackers. In cases where the torrent was already finished, nothing would happen, only the RSS feed would show the item downloaded and finished. If the torrent was still downloading, the process would continue normally. Now, doing this also freezes the client.
I have attached a small image showing the frozen client information and generated a dump file of the frozen process to help track down the issue. ~54MB that can be reached here http://www.joval.info/uTorrent-dump.rar


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