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Using 32 bit  uT 3.1 26671. i7 6-core Win7/64 24Gb RAM. Worked fine until my completed torrents reached about 8,000. uT boots began taking  10 minutes or longer, and taskmanager tallied >8Gb I/O reads til booted. Works for a while plenty fast  but then freezes. Preference Connections 200/20/4. Advanced Overide automatic cash at max 1800. Directories put completed Downloads and Torrents in different directories with plenty room.

I would uninstall and start over but value the ability of uT to detect a duplicate torrent. "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents". If I redirect the directory where downloads and torrents, working and completed are stored the list of torrents doesn't change, and i guess they must be stored in resume.dat in appdata/roaming/utorrent. 

I think somehow i reached the capacity of uT to keep track of what was already downloaded, maybe related to checking for duplicates from their hash codes (in uT info tab), or some other method.  I can live with it taking a while to boot but it crashes after anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, usually after i've given it a new list of torrents to download. Because 3.1 worked for me for such a long time i'm pretty sure that the problem must be related to the number of torrents saved which is  now large.

1. I'm looking for a solution that does not cause me to lose the ability of uT to detect that a new torrent is a duplicate (i.e 'already in the list of torrents') already downloaded.  I lose that if i start over. Or maybe there is some setting that improves stability.  When not crashed it is plenty fast.

2. Or some trick to allow me to prune the completed torrent directory and have that smaller list reflected in the resume.dat file. I think if i rename resume.dat to resume.dat.old it will generate a new one but then i will lose the ability to recognize if a new torrent is a duplicate and would lose my long list of labels.  i don't think uT has any way to save the list of labels.


I'm really a novice here - and hope that someone with more savy can point me in the right direction - or just tell me that it is hopeless and i need to just bite the bullet and start over.

Any help would be appreciated.


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