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Bug about RSS


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Hello, i found some bug.


I using µTorrent Stable (3.4.2 build 32549). The bug is come from 3-4 before this ( i'm sorry i too lazy come here , just hope someone report it and µTorrent team can fix it).


1. When i change the RSS feed custom alias, it doesn't change. I need to manual update for it change. I belive 3-4 version before this doesn't have this problem.

2. Auto update RSS doesn't work! I using same setting and i already use this feature since 1-2 years ago, so i'm sure i not mistaken at setting.  And i never touch "Advance Setting" until this problem come , i already try rss.update_interval i change to 5 but it still not working. I need to manual update it so it can working :|


i attach my rss maybe u need for testing. (change .txt to .dat)




EDIT: Oh it's already at http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/88339-34x-beta/?p=479433 4E

I hope ur team can fix it soon >.< it very annoying me... Thx


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