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why can't I seed


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I'm new at this and I have dowloaded about a dozen films, most of which are very difficult to find because they have very few seeders ( old films). 5 films have downloaded about 99.8. The film is ok but the accompaning files, mostly srt, I can't open because I dont have the programs to do it with. I Or they have word pad docs which for some reason appear empty.


But what I don't understand is the following:


ETA columm shows nothing,seeds/peers show infinity, status show stopped at 99.9&


Can anybody explain? 


Than you

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So what do I do. I have dowloaded all the information I needed, I was going to keep it in my machine so that I could seed it.


What I do not understand is that I am seeding all of the dowloads that are complete and the ones that are shown to be incomplete I am not seeding.


Does that mean that, for example, the original seeder has stopped and and all of us are stuck in the same situation?


It seems strange that nobody is starting to download these files

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