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"Storage for Torrent Files" Option


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I think that if you disable the checkbox which says "Store .torrent files in" uTorrent really shouldn't save a copy of the .torrent files anywhere. At the moment it stores a copy of any torrent loaded in the uTorrent directory which I personally don't like.

I've got my own seperate folder for storing all my torrents. When I download a .torrent from a website I save the .torrent in that folder and then double-click them to be loaded into uTorrent. If i say uTorrent to store the .torrent in that directory (so that it doesn't put a copy of the .torrent in the uTorrent folder) uTorrent notices that there already exists a torrent with the same name and creates a new .torrent with a ".1" added a t the end of the file name.

I don't see the use in that since it's obviously that this is the same .torrent.

So I think uTorrent should either really NOT store any .torrents anywhere when this option is deactivated or should at least not create a copy of one and the same torrent if it already exists in the specified folder.

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are the .torrent files stored in

Documents and Settings***Application DatauTorrent

supposed to be aumatically deleted when you remove the task? Its not happening for me.

Even if i chose Remove + .torrent it doesnt delete it from there.

I'd like the option for it to not store the torrent in the utorrent directory or to delete it automatically when i click the remove button.

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yeah, its just bothersome to click remove + delete .torrent for every file, itd be easier if there was an option for a default action when clicking remove.

I think this is a reasonable idea. Have a checkbox in setup with the default behavior of the remove button being remove task + .torrent file.

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