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Re-enable RSS Feed


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I recently upgraded to 3.4.2 (33080). I cannot seem to find the enable option for any of my RSS feeds.

Can someone please tell me where to find the "Enable Feed" option? I'd appreciate it.


This link was all that I could find regarding my issue in the forum. However, the problem still persists with me.


The only options available are the following:


Add Torrent...

Add RSS Feed...

RSS Downloader

Update Feed

Disable Feed

Edit Feed

Delete Feed

Clear Feed History


Thanks for your time


Edited for clarification.

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It's a regression/bug. Fixed in 32744/32720 beta


Whoever is building this test-stable forgot about it... Wait for the next "stable"



Thanks Rafi. At least now, I know what to look out for in the patch notes.


On a related note, is there a way I can sort the RSS feeds?

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