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Cannot find proper path for downloading torrents


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I have purchased a new PC Tower with Windows 7 installed. I DL'd uTorrent, and set it up as I have before. I am trying to store my DL'd torrents directly to a file in my C drive that I have labelled "Torrrents". the exact appearance of the location on my PC is: WIN_7 (C:). The file labelled "Torrents" is one of many files located below that drive tiltle/heading. 


When I click on a magnet DL from EZTV, a window pops up that shows the torrent contents, and requires me to enter a location to which I want to save the torrent. When I enter it as ... WIN_7 (C:)//Torrents ... I get a pop up error message that reads "Invalid path specified. Please modify and try again."


I have tried modifying the path to read  ... C://Torrents ... This is the way I used to enter a path on my old PC. This, too, is rejected. 


Can anyone suggest to me a specific path entry that will successfully download my torrents to the location I have described? Should I set up the location for my torrents differently? 


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide?


George R.

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