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Custom Bittorrent Use


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I'd like to be able to set up a private bittorrent service as follows.


I will be generating large files on a laptop, and need to be able to send them to a single peer whilst in the field, however i'll be limited to  using cellular traffic (most probably 2G/3G, or if supported in some areas 4G).


what i propose is to use a number of android devices running a bit torrent client that supports reseeding.


i'd like to:


1) create a torrent file pointing to the large file on the laptop that's in the field

2) seed the file to the android devices via local wifi (i.e. i will travel with a portable hotspot they all connect to). this should happen pretty quickly as it's not going via the web.

3) disconnect the local wifi and turn off the laptop, leaving the android devices seeding via cellular traffic

4) dial into a VPS running a bit torrent client and load the torrent file (sent via email)

5) VPS then connects to the mobile devices and assembles the file in the usual fashion.


what i am not sure about is how to set up a private tracker (is this even needed?) and to cater for the fact that the android devices will have changing ip's  (perhaps this is where the tracker is needed?)


i'd also like to be able to restrict downloads to just the VPS, as the file is not being "shared" as such, just sent via multiple carriers to increase download speed, and enable some sort of resume protection in the event of cellular outages.


what's the best way to go about setting all this up? 

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