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Former Volume Not Mounted Error

Sam Segev

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Recently, while trying to download from Torrenday, I keep getting the following error message: " Error: Former volume not mounted." .

What does it mean ? and how can I fix this problem ?

If possible can you guide me step by step how do i do that ... not a puter savvy.

Thank you in advance.

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I had same problem and it seems to me all happen cause i attached an external drive as well. ( in my case was a cell phone)

The way I found to solve this problem was :

On the Torrent page top right corner "preferences".

Then "Directories".

There I noticed all details were gone.

I checked on "Location of Downloaded Files" the "Put new downloads in" box.

And inserted in the proper place :

"C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Downloads"

Then  "OK".

All worked fine afterwards.

Try this solution. 

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