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Problem Relocating Torrent data.


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I have 1100 torrents that I wanted to relocate between 3 directories. I started by closing uTorrent 2.2, moving all the torrent data to the new directories, opening the resume.dat with notepad and meticulously renaming all the torrents links from "D:\" to D:\Movies, D:\Files, D:\Music, respectively. All links were correctly upadted. I saved the file with notepad. I opened the utorrent directory and replaced of the existing resume.dat with the updated one and opened uTorrent. 


Upon opening all the links were broken, I examined the resume.dat and it changed all the links back to what they were before. I have successfully done this some years ago and it worked fine. Why didnt it work this time? What did I do wrong? I retried the process many times with all attempts failing.


Can someone help me figure this out please?


Thanks in advance.

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