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Force Start Will Not Work!?


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Do you have skype so I can tell you my problem or talk though this, could I some how give you the torrent folder and could you like get all the mp3 files on it. Don't worry I will scan it. If not I just want a way to make the torrents work because it is well kinda stuck if you look at my post.


I hope we can sort this out and fix my problem oh I actually download it from BakaBT and this is what they have said in there help/faq:


"Finding peers"

You are not even looking in the right place to find what the error actually is.

Find the trackers tab in your client, and see what status message is displayed next to the tracker url. Now you can troubleshoot further by referring to torrent error messages."


With this to I do not get what they are trying to say?

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