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Run this program when the download finishes - issue


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Can anyone help me with this?


I want to send an email (using futz.me) to myself when a torrent is done.


So if I wanted to do this manually, I would just type in the address bar of my browser:


futz.me/XXX The torrent is done


(where "XXX" is my futz.me username)




Let's say I wanted uTorrent to:

----Launch Chrome web browser with the command above. How would I do that?


Note: futz.me lets you put in ":" if spaces cause a problem, so the Same email would send to me if I typed in:




....And if I wanted to do that from my desktop, I could put this in Start=>Run instead of using the browser:


chrome futz.me/XXX:This:torrent:is:done



Any ideas? Thank you.


Also I'm referencing futz.me which is here: http://futz.me


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