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Can I operate 2 versions of Utorrent simultaneously?

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My question is if I can operate 2 versions of U-torrent simultaneously?

I used to be a quit satisfied custumer for years. But since quit some time now every upgrade gives me trouble. On top of that one of my favorite torrent sites (bakabt.me) has blacklisted all U-torrent versions above 3.3.2

The current version 3.4.2 34944 and the version before that one gives me the following problems: It stops responding regularly, mostly corresponding with maxing out the processor-use to 100% so all othe programs I use get incredibly slow too. Magnet started torrents sometimes never start downloading, torrents from the site mults.info often stop downloading halfway, while visually the download speed keeps running. Lastly after closing U torrent it starts recounting at the next start-up all torrent of the last few days even the ones that have already finished. I'm not asking for solutions to those problems.

I just want to go back to last version that still worked. Only that was a long time ago I don't remember which version it was.

One of the first problematic versions was a real horror version that deleted all torrents from the client when for instance an automatic windows update rebooted my system. I think 3.3, but I'm not sure, and I don't want to run into that trouble again

I'd like to experiment with some of the older versions without moving all my current uploads to it, so I can find back the last version that actually worked for me.


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to keep my uploads in the air in the current version, and running all newer torrents in an old Utorrent version?

& perhaps someone, who recognises these problems, can advise me what version to try.



Thanks in advance,




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Just make two folder install of ut aka Ut1 and Ut2 and the icons and folders you create for each will correspond to each. That's how I would do it. A Ut1 with it's own install and folder and Ut2 with it's own install and folders. And when you download with either they will download to the right folders.

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