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help with adding torrents


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Recently I rebuilt my PC, same windows 7 same antivirus softwares [minus norton but I have it disabled], had UT working perfectly fine. The main difference is I used to use a regular HD as my main C, now I have a ssd as my C and a separate HD for my downloads. I configured it to put the new downloads on that hard drive.


Now my problem is, whenever I try to double click the torrent file [or drag into UT for that matter], it will not add the file for download into the window or even give me a pop up etc - basically nothing happens except it will usually bring the torrent app to the forefront of my windows. The only way I seem to be able to add torrents and start downloads is if I go under preferences -> directories, and check "automatically load .torrents from". And then as it states, it will auto grab and download those torrents. But I would like to be able to simply double click the torrents I want to download when/if I choose to. I have tried to do this while firewall was down, turned off my various anti virus/spyware stuff [although the only new software I am using is norton vs the previous build]. Am I missing something that I should be doing/should have clicked/checked? Any and all help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance for the help.



Edit - for some reason, it hadn't worked all day [11/6], and all of a sudden its not working [11/7], and I have not changed anything =x 


its nice that works now, but now it wont give me the window prompt asking where i want to download, what speeds etc. x,x

I added screens of my directory and UI




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