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IP resolving through TOR


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I recently downloaded TOR, and great as it is, I see one major flaw now in all bittorrent systems - they are NOT anonymous. If this is a violation of the torrent protocol, stop me now, but wouldn't it be nice if there was an option for those of use who value our privacy to point utorrent at a program, and use the returned result as and IP, rather than a DNS lookup?

ie. utorrent is given a host by tracker (whos IP should also be looked up with this method, rather than standard DNS)

utorrent then says to "tor_resolve.exe" (packaged with the TOR client) the name of the host (input is in the for "tor_resolve.exe hostname.hostdomain.whatever" )

the output is then used as the IP (when we use tor_resolve, the output is simple the IP we need - nothing added and nothing taken away)

This method would of course be optional - it is slower than using a standard DNS - but it would be nice for those of us who value our anonymity. And, only this part of the TOR protocol should be used - otherwise it is very hard for the tracker to get a hold of us as uploaders.

Give it some thought :)

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ah - you don't use TOR for the whole thing (that would just be a waste of bandwidth for too many people) but for resolving the IP address of tracker and other clients? clearly routing all traffic through TOR would be not only slow, but irresponsible (too much traffic, ISP's can't handle it) but for resolving IP's it would be a much better way to keep your anonymity intact. Also, it helps to keep the IP's of people you connect TO secure, for their own sakes.

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