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Change create new torrent directory


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I have the latest utorrent with torrent fies on my C (SSD) drive.


My downloaded files are on my D drive (large HD).


Everytime I create a new torrent it is placed on the D drive.


Is there a way to place them automaticaly on my C drive

Check your preferences settings.

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I don't see it in preferences.


It is the placement of the file with .torrent extension when created.


Not where the uploaded and downloaded files are placed.

Its under the options the preferences setting is there...then go to directory and there you can set your directorys/folders for utorrent.

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Ok those settings are off a bit...


This is what it should be - create folders in where the utorrent program is installed...


D:\utorrent - install directory


D:\utorrent\Download - torrents that are still being downloaded

D:\utorrent\Completed - torrents that are completed and where they are uploaded from

D:\utorrent\Torrent - torrents that are downloaded and where they are saved

D:\utorrent\Trash- torrents that are completed


By doing this setup this will gurantee you will know where each torrent status are. This is my setup so should I loose my C:\ my torrents are safe...

Also I do backup my AppData torrent folder that is a very important folder loose it and loose all your setting and torrents information. Then point your torrent preferences to the right folders and you should be good to go. If there are previous torrents this setup will not work  for those only for those after you make the change.

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