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is this best i can expect?

the exorsist

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still new to this torrenting thing so i just wanted to know if the following speeds the best i can achieve or if ive missed something to tweak

my isp is bulldog which says it does not traffic shape/filter i have an 8MB dload and 512kB upload contract of which the average dload speed is around 6.5MB using speed testers, i also have the encryption enabled,

im using a dlink dsl g604t router with built in modem and firewall (this is the only firewall i use, the sp2 version is disabled)

my pc is an amd 4000+ 2 gig of ram using windows xp pro sp2 i also dload and seed all torrents on an ntfs hdd separate to the drive used for the operating system

i have run all the speed tweak guides offered on this website but for some reason give me very poor dload speeds

so i have tweaked it myself (probably not the best idea) and have the following options set


global max upload =30

global max dload =0

protocol encryption enabled, allow incoming legacy =enabled


global max connections =500

max no. of connected peers to torrent =500

no. of upload slots per torrent =11

use additional upload slots =enabled

max active torrents =40

max active downloads =40

other settings first 4 enabled


only change made is net.max_half open =288

my light is green, scheduler is disabled and i have tried dht on and off (on i get variable 170-180) but this does not seem to make any difference to speeds

with about 30 active downloads i get around 70 to 200 KB/s dload

my upload is always what i set it to

(i notice that many people here get those sort of speeds, i was just thinking it was low for a usable 6.5MB connection)

i also cannot connect to the net via a web browser when utorrent is running, that includes when all torrents are paused

i also find that a few times a day my download speed spikes to around 400KB and then dives, after this happens i get a max dload of 70KB and all the torrent icons (up and down) go red and if dht is enabled the nodes drop to 0 this stays like this until i restart utorrent

any help to stop the little annoyances or increase my dload speeds would be much appreciated

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Usually ISP are giving the connections parameters in kbps - you wrote kB and MB; you do know that 1 kB/s = 8 kbps, right?

I am almost sure that your upload speed is 512 kbps (not kB/s);

Your settings in the post above are a mess, but no problem: you must go in Options -> Speed Guide and select from Connection Type xx/512k; the upload cap is in this case of 47 kB/s, but feel free to lower that afterwards at 44 kB/s. You can try to lower a bit also the number of connections (per torrent with 10 and global with 20).

Obey the values stated by the Speed Guide for all the other settings (upload slots, max torrents no. etc.)

P.S. After that go here: http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ and try to download this test torrent (very well seeded one, so expect maximum download speeds).

Good luck!

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It is VERY important to not set "net.max_half open" above 8 if you haven't patched Win XP SP2!

If you have patched Win XP SP2 to handle more than 10 half-open connections at once, you still should not set net.max_half open more than around 40-100. It can cause all sorts of networking overloads -- µTorrent will be trying to make up to 40-100 NEW connections at once!

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