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Is Verizon throttling uTorrent downloads?


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I'm using the current release for Mac.


Does anyone know if Verizon FIOS is throttling downloads?  I'm seeing long periods of ~1kb/s download speeds (even with 16+ seeders) and bursts of 1-2Mb/s.

Post to the Mac forum....this is for Windows PC forum....if you want help...

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Yes, most likely all major ISPs throttle torrent downloads these days. It's been going on for many years,

and they can only be getting better at it (gear for doing this is now less expensive and more effective).


Some people have told me to keep my download limits set to under 900kbps and 

that should keep their detection systems from singling you out. You can set download limits in utorrent and

you might find that over time it helps a lot and you get stuff downloaded faster.


Also, keep in mind that a VPN can help you with this, as well as privacy. $3 per mo. if purchase 1 year subscription.

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