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Upload speed shows incorrect value


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Hi. Strange problem here.


I'm downloading a torrent, it shows the real time dl and ul speeds. Upload has been about 200kb/s for a while now (about 15mins), but still the ratio is 0.00 and "Uploaded" says only about 3mbs...?!? 


And when I check the "info"-section, it says the same, realtime ul speed is about 200kb/s but the "Uploaded" number isn't moving...


The only thing I've done resently is to do these instructions to maximize my upload speed is to do these things, from 5 to 9: http://kulwant2singh.com/2014/07/19/how-to-speed-up-utorrent-a-speed-booster-guide/


Before I did those changes, my dl speed went up and down like a rollercoaster everytime that i tried to dl a big file with big speed (file size 20gb, dl speed 15mb). It would stay fast for a while then gradually slow down to a zero, then after a while start again climbing towards max speed... So irritating!


Now it stays fast longer and it still drops down to zero but starts climbing back up faster.


Client is utorrent 3.4.2.

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