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Please help me with this speed limit trouble...


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Recently I have updated my Internet connection to Fiber,and it provides 20Mbps download and 2Mbps upload bandwith.However,a problem has been troubling me since then.Let me show you clearly.


When the upload speed reaches its limit,let's say about 240K/s,the download speed with be interferenced. So, I want to set an upload speed limit as 100K/s,as an example,but what I get is very comfusing.All of the upload and download speed will be 0K/s,unless I set the speed limit to "Unlimited",I've tried many options, such as 200K/s,150K/s,100K/s,50K/s even 10K/s,and all I got is the same.-----there will be no speed at all.


So,here comes the question:How does this happen and what should I do to prevent it?


Need some advice,thanks a lot.



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