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uTorrent on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with "Connected Stanby" (aka InstantGo) ??


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I run uTorrent client (free) on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet (that are actually replacing my laptop) and at the moment my display are turning off my tablet goes in "Connected Standby" mode (aka InstantGo) and uTorrent doesn't apparently support this function and stops (suspend) all my active download.


I don't want to disable the "Connected Standby" on my tablet because it's a very amazing and working fine feature except for Torrent downloading!


How do you people deal with this power feature and uTorrent, do you find a workaround on the application directly? Is there a plan for a upcoming new version of uTorrent who will support natively this new (not that much new) Windows 8 feature? The actual feature in uTorrent "Prevent Sleep mode" are not working anymore with this new Windows 8 sleep feature.


If purchasing the paid version of uTorrent can fix (for sure) this issue, I'll buy it without a doubt...


Thank you!! :-)



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