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Unable to load ___ torrent is not valid bencoding!


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I have downloaded torrents from any and all torrent sites with the 4.2.1 build without any issues. However, yesterday, I downloaded a game called Trackmania from the new Pirate Bay, and when I tried to run it after installing it, I got a bad language error, and then my computer crashed and rebooted. I tried again; same thing. So then after rebooting, I went to look for a different torrent, and found that when I tried to open another one, I got the "Unable to load ___ torrent is not valid bencoding!" error.


I'm finding that this is only a problem on the new Pirate Bay site. Torrents from Kickass or other work fine. I tried installing Bit Torrent, and got the same error. I tried getting the torrent from Chrome instead of Firefox, and it worked once, but not again after that. I don't believe that Pirate Bay would be the cause of this issue, but that it's something wrong with either my browser, or something on my computer. Also, magnet links don't give me this error, but they never get past the connecting to peers stage, nor do they ever find any peers. Any ideas?

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