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Trouble Downloading/Inconsistencies


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Hello all, I'm having some trouble downloading torrents. I have one download working right now at normal speeds with about 450 seeders, and another one that won't move past 0.0% with over 2000 seeders. I've tried adding trackers. It seems about 70% of the torrents I try to download will not work.


I don't have any anti-virus/security software installed at the moment, so that can't be the problem. Windows firewall is disabled, and uTorrent is on the whitelist anyway. This happened all of a sudden, only being a problem for the past week or so. If my ISP was blocking them I don't see how I could download some and not others. The only programs I have recently installed are WindowsBlinds and DesktopX which are Windows interface customization software, so I highly doubt that is the issue.


The only issue I can see is that the ones that will not download are showing 0 seeders under the 'Trackers' tab, but I cannot figure out why. They are listed on the websites as having thousands of seeders. I mostly use oldpiratebay, mainly because I don't like being assaulted by constant ads and popups, and also because I haven't found another site that can produce better search results. I seem to be getting the most trouble from torrents I download from that site...but then again, some of them work just fine.


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