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Problem with viewing Status & Done (Percentage complete) in utorrent


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How are you guys?

This is my first time at utorrent's forum so please go easy on me as I am not much experience.

But if there is something so feel that I should know then please let me know directly. OK???


This  is about µtorrent 2.2.1 build 25302, which has suddenly stopped showing 2 important info colummns.

1. Status-Which shows if torrent is downloading, stoopped, seeding or checking.

2. Done-WHich shows percentage of completeing along with a green or red or grey bar.



I have played arround with all colummns without getting problem solved.

Now I am downoading 998 torrents at the same time so I do not wish to delete any data to begin from the beginning. Hope you understand???

I know that I should upgrade to newest version but problem is that I am happy with 2.2.1 B 25302 as it downloads faster and more efficient than latest utorrent's build which does not even shows seeds and peers.

I am planing to seed after download is complete so that's why I wish to keep all data for the good of the others.


Please let me know how I can solve out this issue without doing any deletion or update???




Yngvar :)


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